Who We Are

Rochester College Access Network.
The Rochester College Access Network launched in April 2013. The mission of this collaborative group is to support college access and success through coordinated communication, coalition and advocacy for students in Rochester to enable students to meet their full potential.

The group includes representatives from local colleges and universities, not-for-profit organizations, philanthropic organizations and businesses. Its goal is to work together to remove barriers to college access and success for Rochester students. This includes presenting special events to help students complete federal financial aid applications, developing this website, publicizing a variety of opportunities for students, and keeping track of key indicators of success.

For information about college access support for Rochester city students, please note the 2013 report "Success for Rochester City Students: Making a College Education Attainable."

Statistics about Rochester city students and college access contained in the report entitled "RCSD Student College Access and Success Information May 2014" provide a baseline against which to track our efforts. Click here to read this report.



  • Chair Patricia Braus
    Executive Director Rochester Education Foundation


Advisory Council

  • Ruth Turner, Chief of Student Support Services and Social Emotional Learning at Rochester City School District
  • Crystal Clark, Director of Student Support Services at Rochester City School District
  • Chandra McKenzie, former Assistant Provost for Academic Affairs at RIT (retired)
  • Wanda Cooper, Executive Director or Hillside Work Scholarship Connection
  • Shawanda Evans, Director of Pre-Collegiate Programs at Monroe Community College
  • Melissa Jarkowski, Director of Financial Aid at Monroe Community College
  • Sarah Hagreen, Director of Admissions at Monroe Community College

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RCAN is a program of Rochester Education Foundation. For more information, please contact:


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